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Junk Removal Prices & Quotes

Do you have household junk, renovation leftovers, construction rubbish or landscaping waste that you need removed in the Coquitlam area? Action Movers offers affordable junk removal services that will have these items taken care of quickly. You can find some rough junk removal pricing for our services below, but for a full price quote it’s best to call our offices at your convenience at 1-877-694-7778.

Removing of Single Items

If you’ve got a single item sitting outside, ready for us to pick it up, you’re looking at $59.
If the item is inside and can be moved by one person, the cost is $79. If two movers are required, the cost is a flat fee of $99.

Removal of Construction Waste

If you’ve just performed a significant renovation or knocked down an old garage to build a laneway home, there’s a good chance you have a mess of brick, concrete, drywall and other construction rubble laying around. Our charge for removal of this type of waste is $120 per cubic yard.

Bulk Junk Removal by the Truckload

If you’ve got a large pile of stuff that needs to go, it might be best to book our bulk removal services which are calculated by the number of cubic yards of truck space the rubbish requires. Here are some sample prices:

3.75 Cubic Yards or 1/4 Truck Load – $149
7.5 Cubic Yards or 1/2 Truck Load – $259
11.25 Cubic Yards or 3/4 Truck Load – $379
15 Cubic Yards or One Full Truck Load – $495

As you can see, our pricing scales to provide you with a bit of a discount as the amount of truck space you require gets larger. If you have more than a full truck load of trash, please contact us.

At Action Movers we’re happy to take your old junk and rubbish and get it to the proper landfill and recycling services. To get your junk removal booked, call our professional team at 1-877-694-7778 or fill out our quick contact form and we’ll be in touch promptly. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to working with you!