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Piano Moving Services in Coquitlam

Pianos of all types are complex, fragile and often expensive pieces of your home. We understand that the fear of moving and damaging your cherished piano can create a lot of unneeded stress during a big move, so Coquitlam Movers has gone above-and-beyond to research and experience first-hand – the best, safest and most efficient ways of moving such foreboding objects with confidence and care.

Many homeowners opt to move their pianos with a few friends, strong-arming these massive pieces down stairs, over balconies and through tight spaces; this may save you a few dollars, but the potential for injury to yourself and your family or friends can spell disaster if there’s a momentary lapse in communication, or a mishap halfway through the move.

Pianos can weigh as much as 1300 pounds and have over 1000 intricate moving parts; one small mistake when moving them can result in costly damages to delicate mechanisms requiring extensive repairs and re-tuning. We’ve taken the time to listen to the advice and worries of our existing clients to create a trusted formula that allows for collaboration and ingenuity to help us move these pieces throughout awkward and cramped spaces, making us the go-to piano moving experts throughout the lower mainland of BC. To us, it’s simply a matter of balance.

We’re experienced at using professional piano moving equipment – and we’re the only moving firm in the area who does this. It gives us the ability to move and maneuver these beloved musical instruments with ease, and have given us a reputation as elite piano movers in the area. We then pad and warp your piano before strapping it down securely in one of our moving trucks to safely and confidently move it to your new address worry-free.

Using our proprietary equipment, well-maintained piano skids, and a team of seasoned pros, we invite you to give us a call to discuss helping you move your piano – whether it be a compact, standard, baby-grand or grand piano.


Professional Coquitlam Piano Movers

Professional Coquitlam Piano Movers

In Coquitlam, a lot of people are in love with upright pianos. They’re compact, but they’re also heavy. Call Action Movers and give us the details so that we can handle the move for you and spare you the problems that usually arise when you try to do the heavy lifting by yourself with the help of a few friends. With our well-maintained piano skids, our team of pros will get your piano out of the house without leaving a mark. Contact our office and our free moving estimate form and let us help you make your move with peace of mind.