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Our History

At the age of only 25, Mark Hirschi became the General Manager and co-owner of Action Movers, Inc. “I wouldn’t be able to do this on my own,” he said recently in an interview. “With my Dad’s experience and my drive, it kinds of works hand-in-hand.”

Mark’s father, Bob, has been a business owner, in one way or another, since 1971. He started out buying a bakery in 1971 in Victoria. By 1978, he had 10 bakeries and 100 employees. Bob, like his son, Mark, has always been about taking things to the next level.

In 1986, Bob sold his bakery business and found success in a number of business pursuits in the years that followed. In 2006, he tried to retire, but came back to do business alongside his son. Together, they have worked to create the most dynamic and respected moving company in the Lower Mainland.

When Mark came onboard back in 2001 to help build the branding of Action Movers, he never imagined that, by 2004, he would be hired as manager. Soon, he was running most of the day-to-day business and he increased sales by 15%.

One of the big things Mark has done is to polish the corporate image. “I could see that, if it was run properly, it could make money,” he tells us. “Many moving companies do not present well,” Mark adds. So, Mark went about cleaning up the company image and polishing the brand. “I want guys clean-cut because they’re representing our company and they’re going into customers’ homes,” he says. “So, I did start firing a lot of people and hiring a lot more college students, hiring guys with more experience, paying them maybe a little bit more.

The results have been explosive. Action Movers now has a fleet of 13 trucks, a storage facility, and an impressive online marketing presence. In only 3 years, sales exploded 120% and 2010 saw the company win the Consumers Choice Award for business excellence. And family is a big reason why.

“It’s nice to have somebody you can trust,” Bob says. “We have a good relationship. We all trust each other and love each other. We work for one another’s benefit.”